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Amber comes back to the room annoyed she has heard a rumour Lisa had trained with another women. Amber confronts Lisa and is enraged. She attacks Lisa and shows her who is boss. For once Lisa plays the sub in a relationship. Enjoy this erotic violent shoot
Lisa And Denise Preview | Join NOW for more HOT videos like this
Lisa is in trouble as Denise finds out she has been playing with her toys. Watch as Denise shows Lisa just how good her toys can feel!!!
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There are videos featuring 14 FBB inside, isn't that where you would rather be, inside with Lisa and her friends.
Hamstrings In Chicago | 11th May 2015 | Length: 6m 6s
Quick training video from a great gym I use in Chicago. Got a local guy to film me training my hamstrings. When I watched it back he seemed more focused on my ass but I am sure you will enjoy his work.
Sports Massage | 04th May 2015 | Length: 9m 21s
After a tough workout Lisa likes to give her clients a nice sports massage to loosen up those tired muscles. Watch this video of Lisa and you can why it is all but impossible to get a personal training session with her as she is booked up at least a year in advance.
Big Pink Strap-on | 27th April 2015 | Length: 12m 52s
Watch Lisa Flex and Bounce her huge muscles in this sissy point of view video. She will tease you and threaten you with her big pink strap on cock.
Training With Charles Glass. | 20th April 2015 | Length: 7m 28s
Some training footage of me training with the legendary Charles Glass at Golds Gym L.A the Mecca of Bodybuilding.
Muscle Worship Full Movie | 16th April 2015 | Length: 17m 55s
Bonus video for you. Looking over the videos and realised the full movie version of this was not uploaded. Enjoy the full version
Lezzer Back And Bi`s Pt2 | 13th April 2015 | Length: 4m 12s
Lisa and Dometria get so worked up during the workout they violently rub their big wet pussys together until they climax.
Lezzer Back And Bi`s | 06th April 2015 | Length: 5m 8s
No holds barred pussy licking in my gym. This is how to get a pump
Pecs Pt2 | 30th March 2015 | Length: 6m 44s
Second part of my sexy workout with Dometria. Training naked just gets me so hot!!!!
Pecs Pt1 | 23rd March 2015 | Length: 6m 4s
My good friend Mistress Dometria joined me at my private gym for a chest workout. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did x
Dom Pussy Pump | 16th March 2015 | Length: 10m 51s
Lisa in her dom leather corset poses that sexy muscle physique and show us how she gets off using her pussy pump for the Muscle Pin Up team
Cock Pump Pt2 | 09th March 2015 | Length: 9m 29s
Lisa uses her cock pump to try and get her fans cock up to the standard she requires. She pumps then compares it to her favourite toy a big black dildo. Eventually she decides to pleasure herself whilst the fan can no longer contain himself and showers her in hot spunk
Cock Pump | 02nd March 2015 | Length: 6m 12s
Invited a fan into my private gym and gave him a good workout using my Cock Pump which I picked up in Vegas on one of my sexy shopping trips.
Posing Around | 23rd February 2015 | Length: 4m 22s
Just having some fun in the gym practicing my posing. I like to pout everything up for you Muscle Fans
Muscle Pinups Couch | 16th February 2015 | Length: 9m 33s
Having some sexy fun in front of the camera at Denise Masino`s hotel in Tampa. She makes me do the naughtiest things xxx
Sexy Underwear Strip And Pose | 09th February 2015 | Length: 9m 43s
Watch Lisa in her sexy underwear as she slowly peels it off to show everything. Sexy stocking play with her sexy feet.
Lisa & Brandi Big Clit Fun Full Version | 04th February 2015 | Length: 15m 57s
The full mini feature bonus version.
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