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Amber comes back to the room annoyed she has heard a rumour Lisa had trained with another women. Amber confronts Lisa and is enraged. She attacks Lisa and shows her who is boss. For once Lisa plays the sub in a relationship. Enjoy this erotic violent shoot
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Lisa is in trouble as Denise finds out she has been playing with her toys. Watch as Denise shows Lisa just how good her toys can feel!!!
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There are videos featuring 14 FBB inside, isn't that where you would rather be, inside with Lisa and her friends.
Guest Posing At The East Of England Championships | 24th October 2011 | Length: 5m 36s
In the lead up to my recent competitions I was able to get some practice in by guest posing at two UKBFF shows. This is the first of my guest posing routines at the East of England Championships in Leicester. I had a thoroughly enjoyable evening and received some great feedback from you all.
Leg Training With Simon Fan At Temple Gym | 17th October 2011 | Length: 40m 26s
You may have caught the shorter version of this video on YouTube some weeks ago. This is the full length video for those of you who like to see every rep and every set of my workouts. My legs were throbbing after this workout near falling off.
Fulfilling A Big Black Fantasy | 10th October 2011 | Length: 13m 31s
This is probably one of the most adventurous videos I have filmed to date, simply by introducing (albeit rubber) a big black cock. I can't deny that working a big black cock has been a fantasy of mine for many years and although in dildo form it certainly managed to satisfy my craving.
Shoulders Workout From The Archives | 03rd October 2011 | Length: 8m 2s
How I reminisce when watching these old training videos. I wasn't exactly a skinny chick but I sure have gained some size in recent years. It's just little old me training shoulders two or three years ago before I had begun competing.
8 Weeks Out: Back Workout | 19th September 2011 | Length: 15m 44s
This is surprisingly only the second back workout I have filmed for you. I think that's because all the good stuff is on the front (lol). With only eight weeks until I compete at the Arnold I hope you can see my condition is improving in every video. I think this year my back will be fuller and more defined than ever.
Lisa And Wanda's Post-workout Romp (Part 2) | 12th September 2011 | Length: 7m 8s
This is part two or at least the undiscovered footage from one of the hottest videos I have ever made. When I say 'undiscovered' what I mean is that I mislaid the footage and have only recently found it again (whoops). I hate to say it but the final quarter of the video has disappeared into a black hole, which is why I've tagged on an old school video as compensation.
12 Weeks Out: Shoulders Workout | 05th September 2011 | Length: 11m 29s
Shoulders are probably my second strongest body part behind legs, but at this stage of my preparation I'm not trying to break any weight lifting records. As you've seen from previous videos on occasion I also like to slip in a rear-delt workout. I generally don't give rear-delts a great deal of focus on shoulder days as I feel they tie in more with back.
Legs Workout From The Archives | 29th August 2011 | Length: 7m 46s
This video brings back memories for me. A time when training was non-competitive and when I didn't think I could actually win a competition. This legs workout must have been filmed in late 2008 toward early 2009, before I had ever competed. I look positively thin in comparison to my current physique. I find it's always useful to watch and look at old videos and photos to appreciate the size I have gained.
Abs Workout In The Nuddy | 22nd August 2011 | Length: 7m 43s
On this occasion I can't blame the weather as an excuse for going nuddy in the gym. Every now and then it's good for you to just whip off your clothes and hit the weights. You should try it sometime (but don't blame me if you get barred from the gym! hehe). I just wanted to hit some abs having trained legs earlier that day.
Honing An Early Posing Routine 'Nothing Else Matters' | 15th August 2011 | Length: 9m 37s
This selection of videos must be from early 2009 and maybe even late 2008. I was practising one of the first posing routines I had ever constructed. It's only been a few years but the changes in my physique to now are dramatic.
My Afternoon Cardio Is Hot Work | 08th August 2011 | Length: 10m 43s
I wanted to film one of my cardio sessions for you so that you can see another aspect of my competition preparation. I've tried a number of tricks to try and keep myself relatively cool whilst doing cardio, before realising that the answer was to strip buff naked. I get to keep cool and you get to see all of my bits jiggling away on the stepper.
Behind The Scenes: Blue Bikini Shoot | 01st August 2011 | Length: 12m 35s
This might not be the most exciting video by my own admission, but it's me in a bikini nonetheless. A friend of mine hired a little studio and produced some quality snaps from this day’s photography.
12 Weeks Out: Legs Workout | 25th July 2011 | Length: 16m 10s
It seems like only yesterday that I started my preparation for the World Championships and here I find myself six weeks in and going strong. I'm still feeling as strong as ever whilst not attempting to get carried away and break any records at the same time. I think that I'm looking better now than I did last year when preparing for the British Championships.
Behind The Scenes: Chris Zimmerman Shoot, Crown Plaza Pool | 18th July 2011 | Length: 4m 27s
This video brings back memories. Chris Zimmerman took some beautiful photos of me by the Crown Plaza pool in Miami, amidst a spectacular sunset. The resulting photo set from this shoot is available in the member's area. A treasure from the archive.
16 Weeks Out: Abs Workout | 11th July 2011 | Length: 19m 5s
With a little over three months and counting until the World Championships it’s time for me to start chiselling the fine detail. Abs are near the top of my list at the moment and I'll work them into my routine frequently leading up to the show. In this workout I kick off with some hanging leg raises which really task the abs before crunching them to failure with subsequent movements.
Chef Lisa Runs Through Her Competition Preparation Diet | 04th July 2011 | Length: 16m 20s
It's that time of the year again. Time to get serious and strict as my competition preparation gets underway. For the first time you can now see the detail of my preparation, as we cover my diet in this particular video. I hope you like my little cardio suite and will think of me every night as I'm slugging away on the stepper.
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