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Amber comes back to the room annoyed she has heard a rumour Lisa had trained with another women. Amber confronts Lisa and is enraged. She attacks Lisa and shows her who is boss. For once Lisa plays the sub in a relationship. Enjoy this erotic violent shoot
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Lisa is in trouble as Denise finds out she has been playing with her toys. Watch as Denise shows Lisa just how good her toys can feel!!!
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There are videos featuring 14 FBB inside, isn't that where you would rather be, inside with Lisa and her friends.
A Shoot For Muscular Development At Temple Gym | 13th June 2011 | Length: 15m 38s
If I had to rank all of the experiences I've had during my short career, training in the presence of Dorian Yates at Temple Gym is definitely up there. This workout was my first trip to the infamous Temple Gym and also my first shoot for Muscular Development. We filmed this video a day after the BodyPower Expo whilst still in Birmingham, little did I know that Dorian Yates would be training on the same day. I managed to grab a quick photo.
Wonder Woman Dishes Out The Justice | 06th June 2011 | Length: 8m 29s
My new Wonder Woman costume arrived a few weeks ago and I've been so looking forward to making this video. First I gave you the SheHulk and now you've seen my transformation into Wonder Woman. In this video I serve up justice to the creep who's been following me around my hotel. A few punches to the ribs, dildo whacks to the head and a jerk in his face showed this guy who’s boss.
A Day Out At The BodyPower Expo | 30th May 2011 | Length: 11m 37s
I've been a very busy girl as always having just returned from the BodyPower Expo in Birmingham, which this year was held on 21st and 22nd May. It's an Expo I've attended for the last two years, but only this year have been geared up to film my day out for you. It was a fantastic show with all manner of bodybuilding and sports related exhibits. As I wasn't there in an official capacity it gave me the chance to spend the day mingling with fans and friends.
Sunbathing In A Sandy Cove | 23rd May 2011 | Length: 7m 6s
There is a beautiful little cove not far from my apartment where a small sandy beach is surrounded by Jurassic rock formations. As it's very secluded it's an ideal location to bear all and work on my tan. As you might imagine it's a rarity for me to sunbathe nude on a British beach. On most ordinary days I would have probably been swept out to sea.
An Interview With Lisa On Plymouth Hoe | 16th May 2011 | Length: 11m 24s
If I jog my memory I can recall that one of the first videos we made for the new website was an interview. As so much has happened recently it was about time that we had another little catch up. It seems the wind decided to join in as well and I apologise for the sound interference. Keep an eye out for more reality based videos as we'll soon be filming my preparations for the World Championships later this year.
Meeting Fans At The British Grand Prix | 09th May 2011 | Length: 5m 16s
The one thing that I enjoy most is meeting all of my wonderful fans. It was fantastic to finally meet those of you who are members of my website and who I've spoken to via email. If you weren't able to make it to London, don't fear as I'll hopefully be making more guest appearances this year.
Biceps And Triceps Workout | 02nd May 2011 | Length: 16m 38s
During this off season one of my goals is to increase the density of muscle on my arms. Although my arms aren't really a weak point, I'm trying to take what is good already and make it great. When I stand on stage at the World Championships later this year, I really want to hit my front double biceps pose and blow the judges away. In this workout I'm training with some short movements and heavy as always.
Working Out At The Beach | 25th April 2011 | Length: 10m 34s
With Britain set to have one of its warmest April's in years, it seemed a shame to miss out on all of the sunshine. We popped down to our local beach along the Jurassic Coast for an outdoor band workout. Although I'm unable to push and pull heavy weights the feeling of sand beneath your feet and the bathing sunshine beats a musty old gym any day. I was really just trying to pump a little blood into the muscle having returned from Germany only a few days earlier.
I Transform Into The Incredible Hulk | 19th April 2011 | Length: 16m 49s
Well, what was once only a figment of your imagination has now become reality as I have transformed into the Incredible Hulk (temporarily I hope). Although I get my fair share of attention at the moment, being painted green would really turn heads. This transformation is in aid of a Japanese promotional video and I'll surely let you know when it's broadcast.
Getting Ready For A Night Out | 11th April 2011 | Length: 14m 52s
I was attending a rather sophisticated dinner the evening that we filmed this video and so I coupled picking a suitable dress to wear with making a video. You should be amazed at how quickly I came to a decision, normally taking an hour or two to decide what I should wear. I chose a not to revealing but skin tight sexy little white number, to give my fellow diners just a flavour of the dense muscle beneath.
This Boiler Needs A Good Service | 04th April 2011 | Length: 11m 43s
For this week’s video I delve into my secret passion for servicing industrial boilers (hehe). I think this setting adds a real atmosphere to the video and certainly provided me with additional excitement, as there was no lock on the door opening onto a public hallway.
Are You Peeking Up My Skirt? | 28th March 2011 | Length: 10m 0s
After the many requests for up skirt videos, I thought I'd treat you to a double whammy with two up skirt videos in one. We filmed these short videos in a couple of hotels and knocked them together to give you a double digit length movie. They are not as risque as some of the videos we've filmed but I think it's good for you to be teased every now and then.
Rear Delt Workout | 21st March 2011 | Length: 13m 3s
When I'm watching a bodybuilding show the one thing I always look out for are the rear delts when those on stage hit a rear double biceps. Well developed rear delts that accentuate the width of the shoulders can really knock the judges for six. Every few weeks I'll throw in a dedicated rear delt workout to give them some extra attention. Hopefully this will pay off from the back when I next compete.
A Hotel Room Spy | 14th March 2011 | Length: 7m 10s
Hot voyeur video as Lisa arrives back at her room our voyeur is hidden from site and films our bodybuilding temptress as she strips down. We see her watching TV naked on her bed and taking a shower before our brave voyeur is discovered and has to make a dash for it
Superwomen Pumps Iron | 07th March 2011 | Length: 11m 20s
As if I needed the hot pants to prove it (hehe). What this video doesn't convey is how freezing it was on a weekend evening at a very drafty gym. As evidenced you'll note by my perky nipples. I'll indulge you with a proper wet t-shirt video when the weather improves, as this was an off the hoof 'Why don't I squirt some water on myself after a hard training session?' type video.
Back Workout | 28th February 2011 | Length: 14m 17s
Although we have been filming for this new website for over five months, this is actually my first back workout on camera. You’ll recognise the setting from previous training videos as the old school local gym I love to train at. My weights in this workout aren't huge but nonetheless I'm moving reasonable poundage on most exercises. It was freezing cold and late in the evening. That's my excuse!
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