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Lisa and Amber Preview | Join NOW for more HOT videos like this

Amber comes back to the room annoyed she has heard a rumour Lisa had trained with another women. Amber confronts Lisa and is enraged. She attacks Lisa and shows her who is boss. For once Lisa plays the sub in a relationship. Enjoy this erotic violent shoot

Lisa and Denise Preview | Join NOW for more HOT videos like this

Lisa is in trouble as Denise finds out she has been playing with her toys. Watch as Denise shows Lisa just how good her toys can feel!!!

Lisa's Sexy Friends | Join NOW for more HOT videos like this

There are videos featuring 14 FBB inside, isn't that where you would rather be, inside with Lisa and her friends.

muscle milf massage pt2 | 26th October 2015 | Length: 5m 17s

part 2 of the sexy Massage. I wonder how many of you would like this type of treatment xxx

muscle milf massage | 19th October 2015 | Length: 6m 28s

Very happy to introduce Alex Muscle Milf. She is very hot and sexy and just loves to be naughty. I am sure she will become a fan favourite. Enjoy! I Know I enjoyed making it.

tit wank 2 | 12th October 2015 | Length: 7m 15s

Sexy gym fun continued

alina day 2 | 05th October 2015 | Length: 7m 37s

Day 2 low carb flush training with Alina in Denver

tit wank | 28th September 2015 | Length: 4m 19s

Another sexy private gym shoot with a fan,. Enjoy!

training with alina popa day 1 | 21st September 2015 | Length: 13m 41s

This is an exclusive training video shot a few days before the Omaha show in the USA. Most people don`t put these videos up as at this point the athlete is totally depleted and exhausted. Watch Lisa get pushed through by the awesome Alina Popa.

wings of strength promotion | 14th September 2015 | Length: 2m 3s

Promotion video for Lisa`s stage appearance in 2015

muscle fuck | 07th September 2015 | Length: 3m 16s

Fun with a fan who sent in a suggestion for a video shoot. Watch as he gets to admire the muscle up close and personal. he can hardly contain his excitement as he gets to fuck Lisa`s sexy muscles

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