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Amber comes back to the room annoyed she has heard a rumour Lisa had trained with another women. Amber confronts Lisa and is enraged. She attacks Lisa and shows her who is boss. For once Lisa plays the sub in a relationship. Enjoy this erotic violent shoot
Lisa And Denise Preview | Join NOW for more HOT videos like this
Lisa is in trouble as Denise finds out she has been playing with her toys. Watch as Denise shows Lisa just how good her toys can feel!!!
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There are videos featuring 14 FBB inside, isn't that where you would rather be, inside with Lisa and her friends.
Shower Hidden Camera | 14th May 2018 | Length: 6m 23s
Watch me masturbate and make myself cum hard on this secret video shot of me in the shower. Makes me so hot thinking of you watching me.
Force Fed Bbc | 04th May 2018 | Length: 3m 38s
Next in my muscle black cock series. watch as he force feeds that big beautiful cock into my muscle slut mouth
Muscle Cock Pt3 | 23rd April 2018 | Length: 4m 34s
Back to the Big cock fun. I so loved this shoot so much so i am trying to set up round two with this BBC
Arms Training | 16th April 2018 | Length: 8m 56s
Some hard core training footage to remind you I`m not just a porn star. As you can see I have had a great off season ahead of this years diet phase and comps. Thank You for your continued support. Your membership funds my training and pushes me on.
Muscle Cock Pt2 | 09th April 2018 | Length: 3m 49s
Watch Lisa go to town on that Big Black Cock. She sucks slurps and deep throats that monster. She also gives his balls a good licking and sucking. She really does look hot as she enjoys herself with his huge tool
Bbc Muscle | 31st March 2018 | Length: 3m 31s
The most requested scene I get on email and I have managed to find a big Black Muscle guy to shoot with. Wow did I enjoy this shoot. I did enjoy the reveal I hope you do. Just the first in a very very hot series
Gym Seduction Full Bonus Video | 26th March 2018 | Length: 28m 20s
The full movie Bonus video
Gym Seduction Pt4 | 23rd March 2018 | Length: 10m 33s
Pure lesbian fun
Gym Seduction Pt3 | 19th March 2018 | Length: 6m 0s
Things really start to hot up now lisa has her prey just where she wants her. Naked and vulnerable!!!
Gym Seduction Pt2 | 16th March 2018 | Length: 3m 46s
Lisa follows her prey and shows her dominance in the gym by taking what she wants. This time it is a pretty new girl on her first day training at Lisa`s notorious gym. She new what she was getting into when she signed up
Gym Seduction | 12th March 2018 | Length: 9m 41s
Introducing the extremely hot and sexy Valencia in the first part of Gym Seduction. You are going to see a lot more of this hot sexy girl as I explore every inch of her.
Las Vegas Window | 05th March 2018 | Length: 4m 16s
Nothing turns me on more than masturbating in full view of people. I love the thought that people are watching me as I cum.
Pain & Pleasure | 23rd February 2018 | Length: 6m 40s
It was a real struggle to get this big fat cock in to my tight muscle pussy but pain soon turned to pleasure as I came hard on his huge shaft. No cum shot in this video because I found out after he came deep inside my pussy which was not part of the plan. Bad boy!
Big Cock In Vegas | 09th February 2018 | Length: 6m 26s
This was such a horny shoot. Even before we got to filming I was on mu knees sucking his huge cock. As soon as I saw it I wanted it. He even made me cum on his face as he licked my pussy and ass hole from behind.
Sex Toy Shopping | 02nd February 2018 | Length: 2m 24s
Looking around my favourite sex shop in Vegas. Would you come up and say hi if you was me?
Vegas Threesome Full Version | 26th January 2018 | Length: 29m 57s
Full movie bonus video from my adventures with Kelli Provocateur in Vegas
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