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Amber comes back to the room annoyed she has heard a rumour Lisa had trained with another women. Amber confronts Lisa and is enraged. She attacks Lisa and shows her who is boss. For once Lisa plays the sub in a relationship. Enjoy this erotic violent shoot
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Lisa is in trouble as Denise finds out she has been playing with her toys. Watch as Denise shows Lisa just how good her toys can feel!!!
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Chest Workout | 12th November 2010 | Length: 7m 52s
This is the first workout we have filmed after my victory at the British Championships. It's been a rather busy and frantic few weeks having only returned from my trip to America ten days ago. It feels great to be back in the gym and begin to regain my strength after many months of strict dieting. In terms of exercises the workout is pretty standard, but take note I am incline dumbbell pressing 40kg (88lbs) and given a month or two I'll be back to maximum power.
Lisa Guest Posing At The UKBFF Leeds Qualifier | 08th November 2010 | Length: 8m 41s
I'm sure many of you will have seen Lisa guest posing at the North East Championships in Leeds on YouTube. This video captures Lisa's posing routine and a tandem pose-off with the wonderful Pat Warner.
Behind The Scenes: Lisa Poses And Flexes For HardBodies | 07th November 2010 | Length: 21m 31s
In the first of a selection of behind the scenes videos from Lisa's recent travels to America, this scene features Lisa posing and flexing for HardBodies.
A Midnight Bathroom Snack | 02nd November 2010 | Length: 9m 20s
Isn't it awful when you wake during the night and crave a tasty treat? On this occasion I nipped downstairs to see what was lying around in the fridge. There was a fresh bottle of syrup and whipped cream. Every midnight snacker can then relate to me going upstairs and smothering myself in the bathtub. As I was half asleep, maybe I had mistaken the bathtub for my bed and my peckish urge to be a need to cover myself in a sticky condiment
A Little Fresh Air Can Work Wonders | 29th October 2010 | Length: 11m 40s
I don't know whether you've noticed but animals always tend to be more excitable on windy days. I think it has something to do with the negative ions in the air (ooh! get me). Well thankfully the wind wasn't too strong, but a stiff breeze can certainly put me in the mood for a little fun. This must be the fourth or fifth outdoors video I have filmed and it is surely only a matter of time before an unsuspecting member of the public catches me off guard.
Behind The Scenes: A Compilation Of Themed Photo Shoots | 25th October 2010 | Length: 9m 44s
This video is just a little mash-up of behind the scenes photo shoots with a few different themes.
Lisa Throws Herself A Balloon Party | 22nd October 2010 | Length: 13m 17s
I've never had so much fun filming a video for you guys as I did when filming this balloon party for one. If nothing else it was for the look of fright on my camera man’s face every time I popped a balloon. I was slightly apprehensive myself for fear of pulling something only two weeks before the British Championships. Some of those balloons can put up a tough fight. Maybe I should try water melons next time instead of balloons. That should be a real challenge.
Lisa Enjoying A Novel In A Country Garden | 18th October 2010 | Length: 14m 24s
On the odd occasion that the sun rears its head, I love to go out in the garden and spend an afternoon enjoying a good book. For the sun to have been shining in late September was a treat in itself and an opportunity not to be missed. I wondered over to a beautiful board walk next to a running stream and settled down to 'The Great Lover. As the books plot intensified I had to dip my feet into the stream to cool myself down.
Behind The Scenes: A Leather Themed Shoot In Manchester | 15th October 2010 | Length: 29m 39s
This is a recent behind the scenes look into a photo shoot in Manchester. I always take a large supply of clothes to each shoot and in this instance we decided on a leather themed shoot, with a few whips and swords thrown in for good measure.
Lisa Wins And Takes The British Title | 14th October 2010 | Length: 10m 56s
This year has been dedicated to competing at the British Championships in Nottingham, with a view to attaining professional status in America next year. Although it wasn't absolutely necessary for me to become British Champion in order to compete state side, it certainly helps my cause and is a fantastic accolade in itself. I hope that this video gives you a taste of the fantastic atmosphere in Nottingham that day.
Posing And Flexing | 11th October 2010 | Length: 14m 28s
With only a month until the British Finals I thought that it would be a good idea to capture some posing and close up flexing. As my condition sharpens daily you can see a huge amount of progress in this video from videos filmed five to six weeks ago. I'm still holding a little body fat and haven't started cutting water, but you can start to see striations in my muscles and deepening cuts in my abs.
Four Weeks Out: Chest Workout | 08th October 2010 | Length: 16m 33s
With only four weeks until the British Finals my strength has begun to diminish and I am now focusing on merely pumping the muscle and feeding for recovery. At this stage I am trying to retain as much muscle as possible whilst shedding any remaining body fat and before limiting my water intake closer to the show. My condition is really starting to come in, although it would have been nice for me to lift some big weights for you in my first chest workout for the site.
Going Topless At The Gym | 04th October 2010 | Length: 11m 52s
It's not often that I arrive at the gym to find nobody insight, and when I do a few naughty ideas come to mind. We have to be a little careful (and guard the door) to make sure that I don't get busted. In this topless rear-delt routine the last set of my last exercise wasn't captured as somebody arrived at the gym. Nonetheless I hope you like the video and I'll be filming a naked workout soon.
Six Weeks Out: Abs Training | 01st October 2010 | Length: 19m 2s
With only six weeks until I step on stage at the British Finals, it's imperative for me to regularly train abs. I think you'll see in this video that my condition is really starting to come in, as evidenced by the deepening cuts in my abs. When I receive gasps of amazement from the crowd at the British finals hitting an abs pose, I’ll know that my hard work has paid off.
Training Whilst Horny Is Not A Good Idea | 27th September 2010 | Length: 10m 48s
Not only does training serve to make me hot and sweaty, on occasion I tend to get a little horny too. Thankfully the gym was empty, although having an audience would have been quite fun. I had just finished working pecs and could no longer hold back my desire to reach down and play with myself. To make sure I wasn't going to be caught, I slipped into a back room to release my urges. If only the gym goers knew what they'd missed only hours earlier.
Six Weeks Out: Night Time Biceps And Triceps Workout | 24th September 2010 | Length: 24m 39s
I am usually more adventurous when it comes to going out on a Saturday night, but the British Finals are only six weeks away and needs must. Although the advantage of going to the gym at 9pm on a Saturday night is that there is no one to be seen. A little peace and quiet never goes a miss when you’re trying to focus. This was a light biceps and triceps workout really just to feel a pump as at this stage of my diet I am not looking to train for muscle gain.
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